Woman Made Gallery annual programs currently includes around eight juried exhibitions which explore a wide variety of themes: spirituality, environmental concerns, race and gender issues, historical observations, political investigations, etc. with an emphasis on celebrating human diversity. The majority of exhibitions are open to artists worldwide and of all genders working across all disciplines. Exceptions are the annual International Open which invites female identified artists to submit their work.

Group exhibitions are curated and juried by different professional women, artists and non-artists. Artists are challenged to translate chosen topics into visual presentations and a short general artist statement is required of the artist and exhibited together with the work. This gives additional information to the viewer who in return is often challenged to investigate and question his or her own belief system based on traditional values.

All exhbitions are viewable online: https://womanmade.org/exhibitions/

Woman Made Gallery - 2150 S Canalport #4A-3

Chicago, IL 60608 - Parking Lot at North Entrance on 21st Street. www.womanmade.org

312-738-0400 | general@womanmade.org

Ends in 5 days, 5 hours $30.00
  • EXHIBITION DATES: FEB. 22 – MAR. 16, 2019
  • ENTRY DEADLINE: DEC 15, 2018

Exhibition Description:  This call for art seeks to showcase this new wave of feminist protest art, and pave the way forward to visualizing our diverse identities. 

The Pussy Hat demonstrations elevated a simple, hand-made, woman-made pink hat to a central image which connected massive women’s protests across the country and around the world. The Nasty Women exhibitions seemed similarly organic and instantaneous, springing up in cities large and small around the US. The #MeToo phenomenon has also spread like wild fire and continues to empower women to find the courage to address the world from the shared stage of their common experiences. 

These effective visual and communicative grassroots uprisings herald a new species of artistic power, and new realms of visibility for women through art. 

All applicants should submit an artist’s statement about their body of work. Accepted artworks must not exceed 72" horizontally and must not have been previously shown at WMG. 

Please note, the application fee for our juried exhibitions is $30 for up images up to three works, plus one detail image per piece if needed. We encourage entries of recent works, but there is no restriction in the creation date. 

About the Juror: Dorit Jordan Dotan

Israeli-German multidisciplinary artist Dorit Jordan Dotan, lives and works in Chicago.  Dorit’s work often expresses her social/political views, and calls attention to cultural issues. She is a long-time participant in movements for social change, and is active in the areas of peace, co-existence, women’s issues, and human and animal rights. Her work as a documentary photographer and graphic designer has brought her images to the attention of the wider international and local community and media. 

She has exhibited in New York, Berlin, Chicago, Haifa, Jerusalem and around the US.  Dorit has participated in the Jerusalem Biennale in 2015 and 2016. 

In 2017 s​he curated an exhibition about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict at the Evanston Art Center.

For more information visit :  www.doritjordan.com

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